Goole – Play-off

L 31-17



Scarborough - Vikings

By Craig Bone

The Vikings merit table Play off Semi final against Top of the table Goole 2nds was a going to be a huge game

Scarborough Vikings assembling by far their strongest squad of players of the season.

The weather was going to be a huge factor touching 25degrees on a very dry and worn pitch, luckily the Vikings had director of rehydration James Hardwick in charge.

Goole started the stronger with a try after 10 minutes unconverted.

This was a trigger for Captain Rossol to get his men together, some hard tackles and no quarter given from either side gave Vikings a penalty which Rossol quick tap scored converted by Rowley. Again lots of huge hits led to – against the run-of-play – 2 tries for Goole. Just before half time a training park move gave Stewart, room to float a ball to Jeffrey who put White under the post giving 19-14 lead at half time to Goole.

Second half was very broken up and Goole basically taking their chances to score 2 more tries and a conversion to Vikings 1 penalty, but good scrambling defence from Goole won the unbelievable great contest against the width and flare of the Vikings backs.

Nail biting at times, played with great competitive sportsmanship and respect, this game would have graced the final. 

Stand out to name just a few, Stewart, Jeffery and White where incredible in the backs, Fish, Rennard, Emsley, Rossol were brave in their endeavours all afternoon.

Coach Bone thanked his whole squad for making him very proud all season but especially on Saturday, turning 44-0 loss at the start of the season to nearly beating the same opposition at the final game.

We wish Goole all the best for the final.