L 5-10



Driffield Cents

By Craig Bone

Scarborough Vikings entertained local rivals Driffield back at Silver Royd.

Vikings played with the elements behind them first half, the game was a real arm wrestle with neither side putting any fluid phases of play together.

Vikings scrum bolstered by new signing Joe Nellist who anchored his side of the scrum very well, with Jordan Day, Rob Dean and Tom Fish pushing back and disrupting Driffield’s scrum.

Vikings backs couldn’t unlock a well-organised Driffield defence. Vikings knocking on the door for the majority of the half, Driffield put a couple of phases together and scored in the corner bang of half time.

Second half started again with the Vikings getting the upper hand in the set piece, a miscommunication in midfield allowed the Driffield centre to score in the corner 10-nil down. The last play of the game Phil Stewart finding Craig Fairbairn who scored in corner final score 10-5 to Driffield.

Tom Read had another good game, Vikings Man of the Match was Elliott Hutchinson who was outstanding in his defensive duties.